#theampersandproject Day 30

I DID IT! Thirty days of showing up and recording a daily audio clip are complete! Wow, I can't even believe how much has happened and how quickly #theampersandproject has flown by!

While I'm sure I'll still be processing and reflecting for many days to come, I thought I'd spend my last recording sharing the things I've learned and taken away from this whole experience. It has truly been a fantastic challenge, one that has stretched me but never too thin. So much has happened in the past month and while there were days when I didn't want to hit record and other days when I could barely talk (literally, I've been stupidly sick), it feels really awesome to have thirty days of content to go back to, almost like a living journal! Guys, we're talking TWO HOURS, TEN MINUTES, AND FIFTEEN SECONDS worth of content! That's crazy! That's a full-length movie! 

I'm so thankful for everyone who played a role throughout this challenge: those who inspired me and gave me plenty to talk about, those who listened, those who shared, those who encouraged me. You all made this possible. I'm also happy that in showing up for all of you, I showed up for myself :) 

On to the next thing!

Over to you: What did you think of #theampersandproject? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


#theampersandproject Day 29

Wowowowow. Today is the SECOND TO LAST DAY of #theampersandproject! Whattttttttt. That's insane. Thank you so much for sticking with me.

Today's clip will sound noticeably less nasal-y (though still not 100% back to normal), PTL. It's also a lot more encouraging and positive than yesterday's. :) In this clip, I talk about the "burning phases" of life and how when things fall apart, they allow for the opportunity for things to come back together better and stronger than before. Take heart, my friends. I know it's been a long winter and we still have a ways to go, but we're just growing our roots below the surface!

"Try to take heart in the fact that part of the organic cycle of life is things falling apart before they come back together. We go through our own 'burning phases' in life; sort of like how wildfires burn everything to the ground, which makes the earth more fertile and capable of growing." - Rachel East, Clarity on Fire

Over to you: Looking back, what moments of "falling apart" led to growth or something even bigger and better than before?

#theampersandproject Day 28

Get caught up on the days of #theampersandproject you missed here! Only two more days left after today!

Today's clip is a doozy. Between being sick, lamenting the state of our country, and struggling with my personal relationships, I am not doing well. I can admit that now, but it wasn't always so easy. I imagine I'm not alone in that feeling, so today's clip is for you.

Over to you: Take care of yourself :) Nothing to answer or do today. Just do me a favor and be kind to you. 

#theampersandproject Day 27

It's the final countdown! You can check out all of other clips from this 30 day challenge here!

You can tell I'm nearing the end of this challenge (and that I'm sick and dealing with some personal challenges) because not only is my voice starting to sound like a man (it's really cute), but my posts are getting shorter and shorter. But I promise you that I'm still showing up each day as best as I can. Thank you so much for being along this journey with me. It's been the constant in a very chaotic time.

I know I've spent a lot of this challenge talking about taking action on those ideas that you have. But sometimes, it's not because you're lazy or unmotivated or scared or too "busy." Sometimes ideas are left unpursued because they no longer align with your values and how you want to spend your time and energy. Have you experienced this kind of resistance before?

Mentioned: Erica Midkiff's free Intentional Writing Guide

Over to you: Is there an idea that you've wanted to pursue but can't seem to get off the ground and you haven't figured out why? Spend some time writing and reflecting on the why behind the idea. Does it still align with who you really are and what you really want to do? Be honest with yourself! It's okay if it's changed.

#theampersandproject Day 26

We're in the final stretch! Five days left of #theampersandproject!

Our culture is obsessed with hacking our way through life. We look for tools and tips and tricks to make our lives faster, more efficient, more productive. Sure, that may work for some stuff, but when it comes to the important things, like work and relationships and becoming a better person, it simply doesn't work that way. You don't always get to take the short cut; in fact, you shouldn't want to.

Over to you: Where are you seeking a "shortcut" or a "hack" in your life? Is it really going to help you or is it just a distraction or an excuse for not doing the real work yourself?