Boundaries Will Set You Free (And Allow You to Do the Work Our Country Needs)

Day 10! Day 10! One third of the way through this project! Thanks so much for sticking around and sharing your thoughts with me each day. It's been fun to see some of your feedback over on Instagram in particular!

Today's clip is particularly timely during this season in our country and in our world. We all need to take good care of ourselves so we can continue to show up for the long haul, not just burn out early on from our impassioned emotions. And one of the ways I think we can achieve this is through boundaries. Boundaries are almost always centered around how you choose to spend your time and energy. There can be a lot of fears and resistance surrounding boundaries--things like FOMO and worrying that someone else is depending on you--but if you set and defend them, others will respect and honor them, allowing you to be your best self. Take a listen!

Mentioned: Tiffany Han, Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Over to you: What boundaries have you set and why? How have they set you free and allowed you to operate at your best?