The Women's March: It Doesn't End Here

As I am writing this, I am in dire need of an afternoon nap. The kind of exhaustion I am experiencing only comes from the excitement of a monumental day. As I write and record each clip of #theampersandproject the day before it is published, this means today's post was written on the day of the Women's March. Whether you were marching alongside your sisters, wives, friends, daughters, mothers, allies, and communities, or were watching from afar through social media, there's no denying the energy and the power demonstrated by all. As we move forward, I still think it is critical to consider yesterday's topic of conversation.

Today's clip is short and sweet but I felt impassioned to share my thoughts from this special day. Though I was only able to attend the final part of our march here in Pittsburgh, I still felt (and feel) a part of this incredible movement. We all have a role to play and it does not end here. We're just getting started.

Over to you: How are you planning on spending your time, energy, and money in the many months and years to come to show your support for the things that matter most? How can I hold you accountable?