The Significance of Childhood Creativity in Our Adulthood

It's day 14 of #theampersandproject! Yesterday, we talked about reframing our thinking and the day before that, we talked about how the magic is in the daily grind.

Today takes a quick walk down memory lane, talking about how our childhood creativity often reappears in our adult life, reminding us of the things that bring us joy or tapping into the skills and interests we most enjoy.

For me, I remember recording Marissa's Late Night Talk Show on cassette tapes, front and back. I remember writing NSYNC and Harry Potter fan fiction. And look at me now: recording audio clips with the intention of possibly starting a podcast and a former English teacher turned blogger. Full circle, man.

Over to you: What childhood activities do you find yourself drawn to in your adulthood? How do you see your younger self shining as an adult?