Getting Hacked Isn't the Worst Thing That Could Happen to Your Blog or Business

Do you guys remember when Periscope was super huge for a short period of time? I absolutely loved 'scoping because it really tapped into the kind of presenting I like with the added fun of being able to engage in real time with others. But alas, it fizzled out! 

Speaking of Periscope, in today's clip for #theampersandproject, I recall a story from about a year and a half ago when my blog was hacked (twice!) and I ended up scoping about my experience under the title: Getting hacked isn't the worst thing that can happen to your blog. #disasterscope

Today's clip shares that story, but it also shares a bit more about what happened after. And how it truly put things into perspective for me.

"Your words are inside you. They are unhackable." - Douglas Humphries

Over to you: Have you ever been hacked before or have you ever lost precious work that you spent hours on? How did you move forward?