Take Care of Yourself so You Can Show Up and Fight the Good Fight

Welcome back to #theampersandproject. Yesterday, we talked about people who are all talk and no action. I think it leads into today's clip pretty well.

Today, I am tossing my voice into the ring about the current state of our country and the resistance movement. I'm grateful for all of the people who have organized and provided resources and tools to help others take action. I'm not so grateful for all of the finger-pointing and shaming that has happened during this time. In order for us to keep our endurance and make positive change, we must listen to and take care of ourselves. For some, this may mean doing more and taking action; for others, it may mean limiting time on social media and channeling anger into art. Take care of yourself. We need you.

"Remember that taking care of your physical body is not optional . . . It's really hard to peel yourself out of bed--let alone write, speak up, and work to create positive change--if you're hungover, fuzzy-headed, dehydrated, and exhausted. Please take care of yourself." -Alexandra Franzen

Over to you: What is your body and mind telling you that you really need right now in order to show up and do your part? Do you need to step up or make a difference in another way?