Five Favorite Podcasts for the Daily Commute

If you're joining us for #theampersandproject for the first time, you'll want to hop on over here to start from the beginning!

One of the reasons I wanted to do this 30 day challenge was to explore the medium of audio, podcasts specifically. On day 14, I talked about childhood creativity and how I used to record myself on a boombox. Naturally, I've considered hosting my own podcast and this challenge has been a great place to start. In today's clip, I share five fantastic podcasts that I'm listening to on a regular basis these days.

P.S. Definitely getting a cold, which is affecting my throat. Here's to hoping I can squeak my way through the last five days of this challenge! :)

Nourish and Flourish
Side Hustle School
The Portfolio Life
Modern Love
Elise Gets Crafty

Honorable Mentions: Happier with Gretchen Rubin, #Createlounge, The Lively Show, The Moth

Over to you: What are you favorite podcasts?