The "Burning Phases" of Life Build a Better and Stronger You

Wowowowow. Today is the SECOND TO LAST DAY of #theampersandproject! Whattttttttt. That's insane. Thank you so much for sticking with me.

Today's clip will sound noticeably less nasal-y (though still not 100% back to normal), PTL. It's also a lot more encouraging and positive than yesterday's. :) In this clip, I talk about the "burning phases" of life and how when things fall apart, they allow for the opportunity for things to come back together better and stronger than before. Take heart, my friends. I know it's been a long winter and we still have a ways to go, but we're just growing our roots below the surface!

"Try to take heart in the fact that part of the organic cycle of life is things falling apart before they come back together. We go through our own 'burning phases' in life; sort of like how wildfires burn everything to the ground, which makes the earth more fertile and capable of growing." - Rachel East, Clarity on Fire

Over to you: Looking back, what moments of "falling apart" led to growth or something even bigger and better than before?