What I Learned from Posting a Daily Audio Clip for 30 Days

I DID IT! Thirty days of showing up and recording a daily audio clip are complete! Wow, I can't even believe how much has happened and how quickly #theampersandproject has flown by!

While I'm sure I'll still be processing and reflecting for many days to come, I thought I'd spend my last recording sharing the things I've learned and taken away from this whole experience. It has truly been a fantastic challenge, one that has stretched me but never too thin. So much has happened in the past month and while there were days when I didn't want to hit record and other days when I could barely talk (literally, I've been stupidly sick), it feels really awesome to have thirty days of content to go back to, almost like a living journal! Guys, we're talking TWO HOURS, TEN MINUTES, AND FIFTEEN SECONDS worth of content! That's crazy! That's a full-length movie! 

I'm so thankful for everyone who played a role throughout this challenge: those who inspired me and gave me plenty to talk about, those who listened, those who shared, those who encouraged me. You all made this possible. I'm also happy that in showing up for all of you, I showed up for myself :) 

On to the next thing!

Over to you: What did you think of #theampersandproject? I'd love to hear your thoughts!