The Content Struggle: A Dive into the Archives and My Desire to Grow Small, but True

Okay, let's dive right in. Today's clip is a bit longer than usual but for good reason. I'm opening up about my current struggles with content and blogging and how they have evolved from almost five years of being a part of this blogosphere. From writing about DIY and fashion at The Modern Austen to blogging about blogging at Ampersand Creative to settling into my new home at Ampersand, it has been a crazy journey. And yet, I'm finding myself back at the very beginning...

If you're interested, my archives are still out there, but just FYI, after a big blog hacking, I lost my theme for The Modern Austen and some of the downloads are broken on Ampersand Creative. Let me tell you--it feels good not to really care.

Over to you: What struggles are you facing regarding content or blogging or even creativity? How are you balancing your own values with the "advice" that comes with the blogging territory (even the advice that is super helpful!)?