Mastermind Groups: Why and How to Form One (and What to Talk About!)

Remind me never to wait until 8:00 PM after a workout (which was followed by dinner and a phone call) after the longest few days ever to record. I'm shocked I didn't cough my way through this entire thing and amazed that I only had to edit one chunk because I totally could NOT get the words out. Brain dead. :) Just keeping it real here, people!

Anyway, it's day 8 of #theampersandproject! Today I'm switching things up by talking about mastermind groups--how much of a lifeline they've been these past few years, how to form a good one, and most importantly, what to actually discuss with each other! Shoutout to my #ScopePowerHour ladies and my local Beta Mastermind loves!

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Over to you: Do you have a mastermind group? What commonalities do you share with one another? What are you favorite things to discuss and do as a group?