Plans Change Once You Decide to Do What is True Instead of What is Easy

Has anyone else felt like this week has been a struggle? I don't know what it is, but it felt like walking through mud to get to this Friday. But, we made it! Yay! Thank you SO much for those of you who have been following along #theampersandproject the past 9 days. You're amazing.

In today's clip, I talk about how my friend Kristin and I once had big aspirations to be blog instructors in our local area, even snagging up the Twitter handle @yinzerbloggers and nearly dropping money on a Squarespace site. Two years later, we laugh because we realized that we didn't really want to teach beginner blogging courses. What we want isn't quite as straightforward, though.

"Choose what is true over what is easy." -Caroline, Made Vibrant

Over to you: What ideas did you once pursue that make you laugh now? What did you realize was happening all along?