about ampersand

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You're on the bridge between what you think you should do and what you’re actually called to do.

You’re smart, ambitious, open-minded, determined, and self-aware. You have a bit of an entrepreneurial streak that you’re not quite sure what to do with, but you do know that you must be passionate about the work that you do. You’re done with bandaid solutions and willing to do the hard work to create the lifestyle you want.

Your friends may think you’re crazy for not enjoying your cool startup job or your parents may be proud of your corporate retirement benefits, but you just know you’re meant for something that feels more meaningful and impactful to you and the communities you care about. After all, there’s a reason you keep feeling pulled to your creative work, even after long days at the office, right?

I’m here to partner alongside you on the bridge to figuring out where and how you can best use your passions, experiences, and talents to build a career and life that feels so true to you, you’ll hardly believe you lived any other way before.

Hi, I’m Marissa! I’m a professional career and life coach who loves the promise of a blank, new notebook, thinks podcasts can turn any chore or commute around, and feels most carefree when I’m dancing.

I believe that when we allow ourselves the opportunity to ask for something more—out of our careers, out of our relationships, and out of our lives—we discover so much more than we even planned. And when we have the intuition to know it’s time for a change and the courage to move in a new direction, life rewards us with growth and fulfillment.

You can learn more about how to work with me here.