Here’s the adventure we’ll go on together:

Chart Your Year is broken down into three main parts: a workbook for independent reflection and initial brainstorming, a deep dive coaching session to get clear on your areas of focus, and a comprehensive, personalized roadmap for your 2019.


Reflect and Release

Don’t just rush into the new year without taking stock of what just happened! The first part of this workbook focuses on reflecting on the journey you’ve taken to get here: what’s working, what isn’t; what stays and what gets left behind.

You’ll have an opportunity to make peace with the things that have had a purpose in your life, but no longer fit where you’re headed.

You’ll walk away feeling lighter and appreciative of the windy roads you’ve navigated in your past.


Take stock and Connect with your True North

In this section, you’ll evaluate the important categories that make up your life and select the areas of focus to start with in 2019. You might be surprised to see what comes up for you here!

Then, you’ll get cozy with your True North—the compassionate and loving guide inside all of us. Included in your purchase is a True North Guided Visualization to access that guiding light and get a glimpse into what’s possible for you one year from now.


Decide who you are and Calibrate your compass

Every journey starts and ends with its hero(ine). Who are you going to be? Take yourself through this important exercise around self-beliefs to equip yourself for the life you’re working towards in 2019.

Then, bring it all together. Look back through everything you’ve worked on and identify patterns, circle a-ha moments, and build meaningful intentions that will shape your year and your action steps ahead.


Design your roadmap

Together, we’ll map out the GPS to your 2019, making sure that your goals are connected to what really matters.

I’ll provide the fresh perspectives and accountability; you’ll provide the determination and introspection.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly what you want to grow in 2019 (and why), what it’ll take to get there, and where to start today.