Energy Leadership Index Assessment


You’re maybe a little obsessed with knowing as much possible about who you are and how you go about life.

You’ve taken all of the personality tests. You regularly refer to your Myers-Briggs in conversation–perhaps even state it proudly in your Twitter bio–or laugh when the way you’ve just acted totally confirms your Enneagram number. You even occasionally scope out your horoscope or pull a tarot card just to see if you’ll learn something new.


There’s no shame in that! In fact, I highly encourage it. Knowing who you really are is one of the best gifts you can give not only to yourself, but to those around you. Because when you know yourself so well:

  • You can make decisions with ease.

  • You can choose what is true about you (and change what is now no longer true).

  • You can relate to and communicate better with those around you.

  • You can recognize how you react to stress and consciously work to reduce the level of stress you experience.

  • You can think, feel, and act purposefully, not by default.

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment is a freakishly accurate tool in determining who you are, based on how you show up energetically.

Unlike standardized personality tests that reveal aspects about an individual’s character or physiological makeup, the ELI Assessment is subjective–meaning that the results are specific to you and only you. How you perceive the questions determines how you answer them; therefore, the results you get are a snapshot of who you are. This is exciting because it also means it’s not fixed! You get to decide what, if anything, you’d like to change.


And that’s where I come in. When you take the assessment, you’ll also get debriefed by me, a certified Master Practitioner who can not only help you interpret your results, but also partner with you in co-creating an action plan based on the information we uncover.

Whether you decide to pursue 1-on-1 coaching or not, the insight gained from the ELI Assessment and Debrief alone is so powerful that it often accomplishes the equivalent of a month or two of coaching.


What You Get

  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment sent via email (10-15 minutes to complete)

  • Results emailed to you within 24 business hours (usually sooner)

  • 1 90-Minute Debrief over the phone

Investment: $145


"What I loved about the ELI assessment is the focus on motion.

Instead of putting me in a single box, it gave me the option to move between different feelings (energies) in different circumstances. It helped me identify and articulate what kinds of situations I find draining, and what spaces and circumstances make me feel most alive. And once I had an opportunity to explore that with Marissa’s guidance, I am much better able to catch myself in draining moments, and to move toward more life-giving spaces and approaches."

- Clara M.


Ready to learn more about who you really are and
what choices are available to you as you navigate through life?



P.S. I’m an ENFJ, a 3w2, a Fire Thriver, an Upholder, and my StrengthsFinders Strengths are Activator, Empathy, Responsibility, Strategic, and Woo, but in truth, how I use my energy levels is way more impactful to me ;)