Get clear on what a satisfying, exciting career path looks like for you–and take the steps to turn that vision into reality.


Welcome! I’m Marissa. I offer life and career coaching for creative, ambitious visionaries like you.


Work is changing.

What we do, and how and where and why and when we do it, is undergoing a paradigm shift.

Can you feel it?⁠

Many people are having a hard time finding their place in this new culture. That’s because figuring out where you fit isn’t just about searching for a new job or starting your own business.

We find our place in work and in the world by:⁠

  • Examining what has you hung up and stuck in the first place

  • Challenging old or expected ways of doing things

  • Embracing how you’re naturally wired and who you truly are

  • Designing a new approach to life and work that’s supportive of that

Only then can you truly move forward with work that works for you.


Tired of being at a crossroads in your career?

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