the Purposeful Pivot Mastermind

A six-month mastermind community for curious, creative, and conscious women who want to do work and life a little differently alongside others who “get it”

What is a mastermind?

A mastermind is an intimate group of like-minded people who are equally invested in both their individual and collective growth in which participants receive coaching and support from both the facilitator and the other participants.

It’s a dedicated community of people who “speak the same language” and a safe space to show up and know that you belong.

Together, the group co-creates an experience that is mutually beneficial and transformative. 


The Purposeful Pivot Mastermind is a group of 3-5 women who:

  • Have previously invested in themselves and know the value of putting their time, money, and energy into the areas they wish to see grow and change

  • Know they are meant to do something bigger and might even have a few ideas as to what to pursue next, but not necessarily how to get there

  • Seek a community of trusted peers who “have a shared vocabulary,” understand where you are in your consciousness journey, and hold space for you and your vision

  • See the world in many shades of gray, knowing that there are always more options and opportunities available to them

  • Crave more freedom, time, and energy to do what they love, whenever and however they choose

  • Are eager to align who they are with what they do and how and why they do it

  • Are passionate about learning, growing, making a meaningful impact, and connecting with others

There’s no step-by-step guide or prescription to success here.

Instead, with each session, you’ll receive personalized coaching and accountability to pivot towards a new vision, aligning who you are with what you do and how and why you do it.


Together, we will: 

  • Champion one another toward achieving our goals

  • Empower each other to make choices that are in alignment with who we really are and to play bigger

  • Exchange ideas and provide feedback on doing life and work a little differently

  • Celebrate our humanity, allowing one another to be right where we are

Over the next six months, we’ll harness the rebirth and renewal energy of the spring (new ideas!), strike a balance between movement and rest in the summer (no more guilt or burn out), and prepare for the transformative nature of fall (that back-to-school wave doesn’t stop after graduation!)

You’ve already done a lot of incredible work to reprogram your beliefs, uncover your values, and reclaim your life and career on your own terms. Now it’s time to integrate these new beliefs in all areas and accelerate your progress so you can have more freedom, joy, fulfillment, and impact.


The Details

Format: Twelve biweekly-ish 90-minute video calls starting in early May, facilitated by me to offer you community, accountability, and support to get clear on your vision and take the steps to make it a reality

Exchange: $200 x 6 Months or $1100 upfront


Your Coach and Facilitator

Hey there! I’m Marissa, a certified professional life and career coach for creatives at Ampersand. I trained through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an accredited program through the International Coach Federation. I create and hold space for creative women, reflecting back to them what they really desire, and support them in building the life and career that expresses their values.

Having been a part of several masterminds in the past, both paid and impromptu, I can honestly say that when each individual has personally committed to showing up and co-creating an intentional and consistent community together, the transformation is tenfold. 

As the leader of this mastermind, I will be here to guide and facilitate us through the process, but along with my active presence, the relationships that you will form in this group is what will make this magical. I invite you to show up with an open heart and to hold space for these women and their incredible visions and allow them to do the same for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How much of a time commitment is the mastermind? I've got a busy season coming up and am worried about being able to show up fully.

The Mastermind shakes out to be two meetings a month for 90 minutes each. That's three hours a month! Certainly, the work will permeate outside of this time, as you'll be implementing the learnings, reflecting, and challenging yourself in between sessions, but you do want to grow, right? When you create this kind of bond and commitment to yourself and others, you want to show up. You want to be there. With the exception of emergencies, we all agree to show up for every session. If you're concerned about one-off events that are scheduled during a regular session, we will be sure to address that early in advance.

Additionally, I've structured the mastermind to fall through the high-energy of the spring and fall and the lower energy of the summer and holidays in between for a reason. Our lives and careers don't just stand still while we let other things consume us (like weddings or holidays or back-to-school). The seasons are a great reminder of flow and redistributing our energy. You should be supported through it all, no matter what's going on.

+ Is this a business mastermind? Do I need to have my own business or want to start my own business?

No, this is not a business-centric mastermind, and you do not need a business (or even want to have one) to join. This mastermind is about doing life and career differently, in whatever shape or form that takes. That certainly could lead you into business (and it often does), or it might look wildly different. We'll help you figure out what that does look like for you.

However, if you already do have a business, you are absolutely welcome to join this program. Maybe you're at a crossroads with how you're currently running things and are in need of a change. Maybe you need support in pursuing what's really in alignment, instead of following all of the business advice you've picked up along the way. We've got your back, too.

+ What makes the Purposeful Pivot Mastermind different from other masterminds?

Many masterminds focus on external goals and successes, emphasizing output and metrics; this mastermind focuses on the inner work that is then reflected in our external actions. Without tackling the patterns, fears, and beliefs that shape our worlds, any "progress" we make is unsustainable or coming from a place that doesn't actually feel right.

This mastermind is co-created by its participants, from the way we offer and receive support to the depth at which we decide to go. While I will be guiding us throughout and providing individual and group coaching, I will not walk you through a prescribed set of modules or lessons to help you achieve a specific outcome or give advice on the "right way" to go about your life or career. This is very intentional; each of us is unique and has her own desires and intentions. This mastermind helps you grow closer to yours, consistently checking in to ensure it is actually what works best for you, not just what may seem "logical" or "safe," and supporting you beyond traditional forms of accountability.

+ What is the application process like?

If this feels like the right fit–perhaps you even feel a sense of nervous excitement coming up–I invite you to fill out a short application by clicking on any of the buttons on this page or by clicking here. The application is to help me better understand you and what kind of support you're looking for in the coming months. Should the Purposeful Pivot Mastermind be a good fit for what you're looking for and your intentions align with the goal of the group, I will get in touch to confirm your spot! Once your contract is signed and your deposit is submitted, you will officially be a part of the Mastermind and we will do a celebratory dance.

If you'd like to talk it over first before filling out an application, I invite you to schedule a quick clarity call with me here.

Want to talk it over first?

It's totally natural that you might have some questions or worries you'd like to get some clarity around before making this kind of investment in yourself. Let's hop on a quick call to get to know each other better and to make sure you have everything you need to make an informed decision!

The most important quality in a champion is simply this: They can see the future that hasn’t arrived yet. These women saw the just-emerging me, not only the current me or past expression of me. They thought the vision I had in my mind for my new career was totally achievable–if not inevitable. The way they held that vision as doable, and even destined, helped me belief it could come into being.
— Tara Mohr, Playing Big

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