Ep. 07: Embracing More Woo Woo with Emily Levenson


Who better to have on the show to talk about woo woo than the host of the podcast, Some Kind of Magic? Emily Levenson and I discuss how to be more open-minded to "woo woo" practices, even when they go beyond logic, so that you can enjoy a more magical relationship with your spirituality, the world around you, and yourself.

    In this episode, we talk about:

    • What “woo woo” and “everyday magic” mean to us

    • Examples of woo woo activities or practices and which ones we’ve experienced or find intriguing

    • Our individual journeys toward embracing more woo woo and how we both started out a bit skeptical

    • How Emily’s health crisis lead her to try alternative healing that finally gave her relief and how that opened so many more doors

    • How gratitude has helped Emily deepen her relationship with spirituality and get into alignment

    • The relief of knowing there are options during those desperate times when nothing else has worked

    • What turns people off and what sparks curiosity about woo woo things

    • The role that language plays in making woo either accessible or inaccessible to people

    • Partnering with others to explore woo together

    • How being more open-minded to woo woo rituals and practices has changed our lives for the better

    • Striking the balance between logic and intuition, practicality and trust

    • Plenty of resources for exploring woo woo mindsets and experiences

    Resources Mentioned:


    • Living Open by Eryn Johnson
    • The Intuitive Woman by Tina Conroy
    • Depth & Candor by Hiwote G.
    • Tarot for the Wild Soul by Lindsey Mack
    • Nourish and Flourish



    • Invisible Acts of Power by Caroline Myss

    • Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell

    • Spiritual Girl in the Material World by Ruby Warrington

    • Beyond Past Lives by Mira Kelly

    • Big Magic by Liz Gilbert

    • Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

    • Think and Grow Rich by Pam Grout

    • E-Squared by Pam Grout


    For me, "woo woo" practices are a confirmation of some sort of deeper knowing you may whether consciously or unconsciously have that’s brought to the surface for me to pay attention to.
    - Marissa Burdett

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    Just because something isn’t proven to be effective through science and research doesn’t mean it’s not effective. Sometimes it just means we don’t have the tools to measure it yet or the understanding to structure a research study. - Emily Levenson
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    If I find myself bristling about something or being like "Oh my God, that sounds absolutely ridiculous," I almost know that that’s the thing that I need to do because if I’m resisting it, then there’s something I need to get out of it or a new level I need to open myself up to. 
    - Emily Levenson
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    Not only can woo woo and magical things happen to you, but you can be magical to somebody else. - Marissa Burdett
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    Look at your idea of the kind of person who "goes for it" because I think that will be very telling around what beliefs and stories you’re holding onto. - Emily Levenson
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    About the Guest

    Emily Levenson is a therapist turned holistic health coach, podcaster, meditation encourager, and seeker of everyday magic.

    Emily believes in the power of meditation and yoga, creative expression, synchronicities and being in the right place at the right time, and that every experience we have — even the ones that we deem to be negative — can teach us something if we let it.

    You can find Emily online at emilylevenson.com or over on Instagram at @emilylevenson. And if you're looking to add a little more magic into your life, check out her podcast, Some Kind of Magic over on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or Stitcher.