Ep. 09: Chasing Your Own Adventure with Amanda Folk


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Who better to talk about adventure with than Amanda Folk, the energetic bucket list enabler behind Sunshine Chasers? This outdoor travel enthusiast and I turn the traditional definition of adventure upside down and explore what it means to be adventurous in this current political and social climate, how to bring more adventure into our everyday lives, and being more flexible with our intentions and goals.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What it means to be “adventurous” and how Amanda’s definition has evolved over time

  • How Amanda went from a shy, anxious child to an outgoing, adventurous, open-minded adult

  • Being conscious of using adventure and travel as an escape from what’s really going on

  • Choosing yourself first and being brave, despite what society tells you to do

  • Recognizing that big adventures are made up of many smaller steps

  • Becoming more aware of how to make adventure and travel more accessible for all

  • Fear, doubt, and guilt around using our voices and checking our privilege, especially in light of the current political and social climate in the U.S.

  • How I have much more room to grow with regard to diversity and inclusion and using my platform for good

  • How outdoor adventure and travel can help us strengthen our sense of self and provide a sense of direction and community

  • Finding a balance between supporting those in your own backyard and being of service globally

  • Tips for combatting high expectations around a trip or adventure

  • What holds us back from being more adventurous

  • Having flexibility around what adventure can look like so it’s not all or nothing

  • Paying attention to what about other people’s adventures you’re attracted to or envious of and tuning into what it is you really want

  • Bringing more adventure into our everyday

    We always see the big adventures and we miss all of the work that’s done leading up to them. - Amanda Folk
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    The more we interact with ourselves and with others through adventure travels and outdoor travel, the more we know ourselves and the better we are able to articulate what we believe in. - Amanda Folk
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    Adventure doesn’t have to be all or nothing. - Amanda Folk
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    About the Guest

    Amanda is the adventurer behind Sunshine Chasers, both the blog and the podcast! She's got the training of an exercise physiologist and the itchy feet of a traveler. This makes her a very endorphin-heavy cheerleader and coach for all of your adventure needs.

    You can find Amanda online at sunshinechasers.com, as well as Twitter and Instagram (both @sunshinechasing). To hear interviews that make you want to hop on a plane or head to the woods, look for the Sunshine Chasers podcast on iTunes or wherever you enjoy your podcasts.