Ep. 10: Coaching: What is it really?

So, what is coaching, really? I step behind the mic in the first of a two-part series to address some frequently asked questions about the unique profession of coaching. In a society with so many varying interpretations and examples of coaching, it’s no wonder that it can be confusing for some! I’m here to demystify and clarify, per my own definition as supported by the International Coach Federation, and to illustrate what a client and coach might discuss and work through together. Next week, we’ll dive into the coach/client relationship with an interview with my first “real” client!

    Here are the questions I tackle in this episode:

    • What is coaching?

    • How does it differ from consulting or therapy?

    • What does a coach actually do in a session?

    • What are some things you talk about during a coaching call (from a client’s perspective)?

    • Are there any trends that you see that unite your clients?

    • How can a coach help me?

    • How do you find a coach that’s a good fit for you?

    • How does a coach get certified?

    • Why did you become a coach?

    A coach can help you remove everything you’re not, so you can show up as you and take steps towards the things you desire and are actually in alignment, not just what society has conditioned you to think you want. - Marissa Burdett
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    About the Host

    Marissa Burdett is a professional life and career coach for bloggers and creatives at Ampersand Coaching. Through personalized coaching, sincere podcast conversations, and thoughtful resources, she equips and empowers wide-eyed, open-hearted trailblazers (like you!) to embody who you really are at your core and to pursue a career and life that fully expresses your values.