Ep. 11: Exploring the Coach/Client Relationship with Clara Mattucci


For the second episode of our two-part series on coaching, I sit down with my first “real” client ever, Clara Mattucci, to discuss the very unique and powerful relationship between a coach and client: the foundation it was built on, what it was like to work together, and what that friendship looks like now.

To say Clara was an ideal client would be an understatement. I absolutely hit the jackpot when we met and started working together and I am a better person having known her. Our sessions were truly a highlight of my week and I’m so blessed to say that we continue to have a beautiful friendship now that we’re “on the other side.”

If you’ve ever been curious about what an aligned coaching relationship could look like for you and if it’s something worth considering, this is a great episode to help you think through what kind of partnership you’d benefit from.

    In this episode, we talk about:

    • How Clara and I met at the beach of all places

    • What was going on in Clara’s world that prompted her to consider finding a coach

    • How I define my role as a coach

    • How coaching is a collaborative experience

    • What a helpful “onboarding” process looks like in making Clara feel comfortable and confident in her decision to start working together

    • How Clara’s open-minded, not-attached-to-a-specific-outcome approach to self-exploration made the coaching experience even richer

    • Developing a personalized self-coaching “toolkit” of life skills that carry you through any and all situations

    • The mutually beneficial coach/client relationship and how it has (and hasn’t!) changed now that the sessions are over

    • A real-life experience that illustrates how deeply I have been changed by coaching

    • How coaching has helped Clara feel more “plugged in” to who really she than she has in years

    • The balance between getting to know your coach and focusing on the coaching agreement and the client’s agenda

    • The role that trust, honesty, authenticity, openness, and humanity play in the coach/client dynamic

    • The questions people should ask themselves, to others, and the potential coach/client before investing in that experience

    • An opportunity to experience coaching at a low-cost for a limited time!

    Being more conscious and having these tools--I can’t immediately throw myself into victim mode anymore. It’s not a default reaction anymore. I see so many more options and possibilities. -Marissa Burdett
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    About the Guest

    Clara Mattucci likes to get quickly to the important conversations. She swims every morning and has found herself inspired by a group of women who have been swimming together for decades. She is voracious for audio books, podcasts and going to movies. Clara works in public relations, where she puts her social science background to work understanding and connecting with communities on behalf of clients. She's also involved in young adult ministry, getting to the root of why people "do church" and how we can truly fulfill our purpose in that. Planning trips to explore new places, try new foods and meet new people gives her life. She has a deep love of honey and an irrational fear of bees. Some of her best memories are getting lost or having her best-laid plans go south.