Alesha R.

“Wow, what a tremendous gift the past six months of coaching with Marissa has been - coaching has probably been the single most important gift I have ever given myself! 

If I had to summarize my life pre-coaching, I'd say I was coasting. I let others opinions of me dictate my opinions of myself and I was on a never-ending path of trying to mold myself into the person that others wanted me to be. I was exhausted, unhappy and emotionally fragile. With Marissa as my guide, I began to unravel so many of the mental blockages that were holding me back. In each session, she masterfully guided me on a journey of exploring my own thoughts & beliefs and through it all I learned new ways to identify and deal with my own negative beliefs that were getting in my way. She helped me get to the core of who I wanted to be and honestly helped re-establish me in the driver's seat of my own life. Today, I am so much more joyful, energetic and I constantly surprise myself with the way I am showing up at work & at home. And I now have so many tools in place to keep growing & building on what started here - this is only the beginning! “

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