Andy G.

As an early-career engineer, I have the whole world ahead of me. However, I recently found myself with strong passion and a general idea of where I wanted to be, but no clear path or tools to help me get there. I had gone through several rounds of self-aligning but I wasn't feeling happy or fulfilled, and I just knew there was something I was missing. I'd considered coaching in the past, but hesitated because I wasn't certain that I would find someone compatible with my goals. One short phone call with Marissa completely changed my mind! I was instantly at ease with sharing my plans and ideas on how to change the way I earn a living by staying open and creative. Marissa took a professional and open approach to our conversations, allowing me to think and talk freely, while pointing out themes and realizations that I had never noticed. Thanks to our conversations, I've completed old and new projects, refined my long and short-term goals, and I feel confident in my new path.