Maura S.

After a few years in the workforce, I felt paralyzed with indecision and unfulfilled in my job. I wanted to make a change, but hadn’t the slightest idea where to begin. Thankfully, I had been following Marissa online for some time and filled out a form on her site. After we talked through what coaching can offer, I was immediately on board!

Over the course of four calls, we worked through my anxiety around debt and going back to school, the possibility of entrepreneurship, and how to focus on what I want to feel more than the job itself. The latter shifted my perspective significantly and helped me find more meaning in my current situation while I determine the next step. Our calls felt like talking with a wise, engaging friend and her insight brought me back to that fire I felt in college.

If I’d offer one piece of advice to anyone considering coaching with Marissa, it would be that it’s absolutely worth the investment. Taking that time and energy upfront will help give you the confidence and insight to help you thrive!

-Maura Stewart