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Levana M. - CYY

“Going through the Chart your Year process was a holistic experience. It allowed me to truly visualize where I want to be and most importantly how I want to feel!

One of my favorite parts was the "Goal Roadmapping" as it helped me see more clearly what it's necessary for me to do in order to reach my goals. Unlike other goal setting processes, this one was very enjoyable!

After this experience I feel more confident that I can move forward with my projects, and have a more clear idea of the steps to take, mainly towards true happiness!”

- Levana M.

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Hannah S. (Mastermind)

“Working with Marissa is an investment in yourself. If you are willing to be open, and answer some questions where the answers may not come easily, then you will reap far more rewards than you put in. Marissa provided direction for me in an area where I didn't know how to make sense of all the options that lay ahead. Instead of doing it FOR me, she walked right through it with me

Best of all, Marissa stayed engaged in every minute of every conversation I had with her. Not once did her attention stray. Having all of that focus on ME was
a gift to myself that I've never gotten before.”

-Hannah S.

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Michelle A. (Mastermind)

“Marissa has this amazing blend of: the warmth that invites you to open up and feel comfortable right away, the know-how to expertly guide the conversation in a meaningful direction with ease, and the wisdom to help you connect the dots for yourself in ways you'd never considered.

I left our conversation feeling stunningly clear about how to move forward with my creative work, and relieved that I didn't need to waste more time spinning my wheels and doubting my direction. I'm so grateful for her guidance and her genuine ability to listen, help untangle, and make sense of my mental barriers.”

-Michelle A.

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Purposeful Pivot 1 (Kristin A.)

I was struggling to make sense of a lot of abstract, complicated “what-ifs” in my career, and Marissa was able to help me identify the next-steps for myself. Just by listening and noticing the patterns, she arranges and organizes the ideas in your head almost as you’re saying them so that you can see those patterns clearly before you.

I was at first surprised to hear the decisions and certainty with which I was talking through my concerns, but by the end of our call, I felt more confident in the direction I knew was best for me. Talking with Marissa is like having a diligent, note-taking friend by your side when you’re talking to yourself, trying to make sense of it all.”

-Kristin A.

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Angelica R. #2

Not only will you feel perfectly at ease sharing this time with Marissa, you'll leave the conversation with the support you asked for at the beginning of your time together whether that’s a mantra, a new way of looking at a situation, or a list of action items to apply to your life. Marissa is a natural listener and supporter; she’ll hold you up, but she’ll also guide you to make your own sustainable changes.”

- Angelica R.

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Brigid M.

“Marissa is a natural coach. She was able to help me navigate what I was actually saying by pulling key phrases out of our conversations, and was able to guide me in exactly the right direction that I hadn’t anticipated going. I’m grateful for her powerful insight, because without it, I wouldn’t have realized that I had all the tools I needed. I learned to better trust my intuition, and that the powerful phrases she spoke back to me were living inside me after all.”

- Brigid M.

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Thomas S.

“After enough frustration with myself and the progress I was making [in my job search], I decided to finally give Marissa a call. After we were finished, I wondered why I waited so long. It’s great to have someone on your side who’s only incentive is to help you identify and then make progress towards goals you feel confident about. It’s hard to emphasize how important it is to sound off your thoughts about your life and career to someone who has the training and knowledge to help you come to realizations you couldn’t have on your own.”

-Thomas S.

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