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Podcast Review #4

“I love Marissa’s podcast! Her range of guests is really exciting because you get to hear different viewpoints and discover topics that you didn’t even know you were interested in (hello woo woo!). Marissa does a great job of cultivating a community feel, even just through your earbuds. Highly recommend this one!”

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Podcast Review #3

“Marissa really brings it in this podcast. To be honest, there are other shows where the interview might be well-intentioned, but isn’t super great at asking questions. That’s why listening to Marissa is so refreshing.

She’s great at asking pointed, deep, interesting questions that other people wouldn’t think to ask. And when you know how to get the good stuff out of people, answers and insights come to light that you can’t find anywhere else.”

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Podcast Review #2

“Marissa is poignant, authentic and clearly very passionate about her work. She not only has individual sessions, but she also brings on a wide range of guests. I am constantly having “aha!” moments while listening! I’m excited to be following along from the beginning!”

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Podcast Review #1

“The Permission to Pivot podcast is, in my opinion, one of THE most authentic and powerful podcasts on personal development available. Marissa uses her insatiable curiosity to tease out some incredible insights (not just information) from her well-respected guests.

She balances her playful personality with confidence and competence (she KNOWS her stuff) to keep you on the edge of your notebook at all times. As a podcast junkie myself, I'm super grateful that I'm in early on this one, it'll be in my feed for a LONG TIME to come!”

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