Creatives, I get you because I am you.

I’ve been blogging and creating and scheming since the week after college graduation and I’ve done it all: fashion, DIY, and lifestyle blogging; book reviews; giveaways, ads and sponsorships; blogging about blogging, income and traffic reports, Periscope workshops, video interviews, online courses, speaking engagements, podcast recordings, and more. And it’s all led me here, to you! (Thank God.)

I am deeply passionate about emboldening creatives to pursue meaningful work in a way that's unique to you and your values. I’m not here to tell you to do exactly what I did or to just up and quit your job or to put your side hustle dreams aside for good. I’m here to help you figure out what’s right for you, craft a plan to make it actually happen, and be there every step of the way.


Ampersand Coaching thrives
on these core values:

1 // Authenticity

2 // Creativity

3 // Freedom

4 // Growth

5 // Connection

6 // Empowerment

7 // Generosity